Dedicated to the architectural hardware industry since more than 10 years, HSCC designs, prototypes and produces high quality hardware and glass fittings.

Besides our standard product lines, we can help you to develop solutions according to your market requirements in terms of design, quality, functions or local building codes and standards.

Solutions for doors and partitions

Open spaces and keep confidentiality by the help of sleek designed hardware, reliable and easy to install.

Shower Screens Solutions 


Bathroom has become one of the most important room in the house. Make it the most beautiful one by using long lasting and aesthetic hardware fittings.

Balustrade and Railings.


Railings and Balustrades do not only need to look good. they must be safe. Discover our range of stainless steel solutions for your outdoor and indoor glass installations.

Aluminum Door and Window Fittings.

Range of Fittings suitable for aluminum doors and windows applications.

Swing Opening Windows and Doors.

Sliding and Bi-Folding Windows and Doors.